My new eBook is up! It’s a series of four sets of exercises, each of which lasts five minutes. They combine movement, breathing, and attention to your body, and altogether make a nice routine for practicing somatic mindfulness in order to become more grounded, calm, and able to channel your energy how you want to.

In general, practicing mindfulness can help us be more in the present moment, calm our thoughts, and help us let go of emotions that we usually get caught up in. The body is usually one part of mindfulness, and I think it’s crucial. In fact, somatic mindfulness can actually increase our capacity for regulating our nervous systems.

Exercises that work with the body help us learn to tune back in or wake up from a numb or shut-down state, and (then) calm ourselves down from an anxious or over-alert state. Feelings of depression and anxiety can be greatly influenced by a physical approach. Paying attention to our bodily sensations is an excellent bridge to releasing the tensions that we’ve been holding, focusing our energy in one direction, and becoming more present, quiet, grounded, and connected.

You can download the eBook here, and a longer version of the article is also available on the website PsychCentral, with a particular focus on how body mindfulness is useful for people who have experienced trauma. That article is available here. Enjoy!