“I’ve always been fascinated by the mind, brain and body, and how they are connected”



My way of coaching people comes from a love of seeing people move beyond their struggles, and from having a curious mind that is always seeking to understand how we work from different perspectives.

Although I’d read and thought a lot about mind-body connections for many years, it was only in Berlin that I first began having sessions as a client in body-based therapy. I am a sensitive person, and had always experienced the world as feeling quite shy with a sense of not really belonging, with a lot of feelings swirling around inside that I would try hard to shut down. I was insecure but didn’t think I was afraid of anything, and was trying to find a sense of acceptance from other people. Through the sessions, I was amazed by how much I started being able to connect with and describe what was going on inside, and how it enabled me to start changing and opening up.

That’s why I trained in the Grinberg Method, and then in a range of other approaches, adding different tools to my kit for helping other people to go on their own journeys towards fulfillment. I’m still on my own journey, of course, and still find challenges in negotiating how I am in the world. But the journey is the destination, so that’s all okay.

Giving me a scientific base, I had studied neurobiology, physiology and psychology as part of my B.A. in Biological Natural Sciences at Cambridge University (2002-5). I then specialised in the History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge, completing a Master’s and Ph.D. (2006-10), which taught me how to think critically and analytically, how to always go beyond the surface, and to see everything as a work in progress that can be unravelled. I find all of these skills extremely useful in my work with people today.

In Berlin, I trained in the Grinberg Method, working with clients since 2011, and receiving my Diploma in 2015. Since then I have done courses in various other approaches, including Somatic Experiencing, the Pantarei Approach, and TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises), as well as Nonviolent Communication, all of which is supplemented by diverse reading in psychology and neurophysiology. I also did a Heilpraktiker course (German qualification in anatomy, physiology and pathology for people working with complementary healthcare), at TOP-Physio in Berlin.

The other strand of my body and health focus is that my life has always been full of sports, ranging from competitive team sports, to running, breakdance and yoga. I view movement as a fundamental part of psychological wellbeing. I’ve been teaching personal fitness training since 2011, and completed my B-Licence for fitness training at ORTHOvita in Berlin.

I still enjoy researching and writing, so have a look at my articles on topics related to the body and mind in the blog of this website. I love working with people to go with them through their journeys, often through some tricky places, to come out at a place they are more happy with and fulfilled by. I find it immensely rewarding to see people’s transformations, and am truly honored that so many people have gone with me with such trust through their own challenging processes.