Personal fitness training

Do you want to get fitter, healthier and more in shape, but don’t really know where to start? I have always had a passion for fitness and love sharing this with others, no matter what level. I enjoy to use fitness as another way to help people feel empowered and a sense of confidence in their own bodies and what they are capable of.

What’s your goal?

What do you get?

How do we work?

My style of training

I work with strength straining and high intensity interval training (HIIT), with a focus on core strength.  HIIT training means training in bursts of higher effort with pauses in between, and is an extremely effective way to gain fitness, burn fat and train your muscles. Strength training also obviously focuses on building muscles. This doesn’t mean bulking up: muscles are what move you around, and training them more intensely in strength training has a much bigger effect on your body than training them lightly, as in cardio training. Gaining more muscle is the key to being toned, losing excess fat, and avoiding pain.

I like to focus on training that uses the body and its own weight in all manner of ways – bodyweight training. We also use  minimal equipment, mainly kettle bells and resistance bands. This helps you learn how fitness is something simple that you can integrate into your life.

One of the main things I want you to gain is an experience of power and strength from your own body. This is satisfying in itself, but more than that, it’s also psychologically and physically great: it helps build confidence, raise your mood, and it helps protect your body against pain, as well as keeping you healthy and mobile as you get older and your muscle mass naturally decreases.

Where this approach is from

As well as being a licensed fitness trainer in Germany, I have many years of personal sporting experience, which have led me to develop this approach. I have played a wide range of sports at a high level in England, including National League hockey (Cambridge City, Cambridge University), regional Premier League football (Cambridge University), and regional representative cricket (Cambridgeshire & Hunts County, Cambridge University). In Berlin I’ve continued with football, playing for DFC Kreuzberg, and also added touch rugby to this list, which I play for Touch Berlin.

Each of these involved serious fitness training that used the whole body in different types of movements, and trained the body for both speed and endurance. I have also had periods of focusing more on running (half marathons), yoga and breakdance, which allowed me to explore other aspects of the body’s potentials. Through all of this training I have made myself an expert on movement and fitness, and I love teaching this to others.

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