“Working with Sophia has completely changed my life and awareness. I am now gaining the ability to care for my own body and mind through her sensitive, thoughtful and personal guidance. I recommend this to anyone who wants to not only take control over those aches, pains and recurring anxieties and fears that limit what we can do. I recommend it to anyone who wants to live more fully than they imagined possible!” – Max

“Sam is an amazing personal trainer. In the eight months I’ve worked with her, my strength, fitness and overall health have improved, and my goals have been met. She is very knowledgeable, and always provides great background information on why a particular training routing/method is used, and why it’s effective. She is very willing to adapt to your personal goals, and also uses a lot of different techniques, which makes the sessions novel and fun. I highly recommend her!” – K.

“I worked with Sophia as a personal fitness trainer. She not only helped me get into better shape, but also gave me an understanding of what I was really capable of. I began as someone with little experience or interest in working out and ended up with a long term habit and enthusiasm for exercise. I will surely work with her again in the future.” – Sharmi

“Working with Sophia helped me being more aware of my body and how was strictly linked to my anxiety. I understood the triggers and the causes and with understanding comes healing. Every session with Sophia was my moment of release and then peace. I used to deal with my anxieties with my head , but Sophia taught me how to observe and how to listen to my body and it was life changing! Thank you Sophia!” – Tanja

“I usually try to do everything in my life with my head. Sophia introduced me to my body instead. It knows so much more than I ever imagined” – Anja

“I found my sessions with Sophia incredibly productive. With a history of ADD and childhood trauma, I store a lot of excess energy inside of me and Sophia helped me learn to release some of that energy and channel it into action. When I left Berlin, a strong regret was leaving Sophia and my Grinberg sessions behind, as I felt our progress was really picking up speed. I feel that what I learned helps me continue to move forward on my own (albeit more slowly), as I carry my new knowledge and body-awareness with me, though I miss my weekly sessions. I am constantly recommending Sophia. If you are wondering, I would suggest giving it a try!” – B.

“Once you start a journey with Sophia, you know that you are in good hands and that you will discover many unknown places together” – Isaac

“I had heard wonderful things about Sophia before my first appointment, but I had no idea what to expect. She was kind, open, and had a wonderful healing touch. I knew right away I could trust her. I was able to open up and feel some intense emotions within minutes. In just three sessions, Sophia has helped my chronic insomnia more than any other healing modality I’ve tried. Whatever your issue, I’m positive Sophia can help you.” – H.

“Sophia has helped guide me to a physical awareness of my body through the practise of touch and instructional breathing. With each session, I have learned to recognize how my body and mind reacts in times of anxiety and pain. I can now allow myself to feel stress without my mind spiralling out of control. This body awareness has enabled me to focus on my creativity, turning my ideas into action. Sophia has certainly given me the ability to live a more free and grounded life. Thank you! “- Melissa

“Just try it! You have absolutely nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain: a very powerful tool for your journey of personal growth and discovery” – Danielle

“My experience with the Grinberg Method gave me many moments of clarity and happiness on the way home from the sessions, and in the long term it taught me how to find this clarity for myself in difficult situations: how to, instead of just analysing, also listen to how I feel and what I want or need (and the answers to those questions are surprising sometimes). I use this knowledge on a regular basis and I believe it gave me tools to live better” – Ilil

“Working with Sophia has been amazing. Quite an adventure to discover the hidden realms of the energy body and all that lies within.” – Peter